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Bishop Hart fucks Elder Dalton (720p,1080p)

Cast: Bishop Hart, Elder Dalton
Genres: bareback, fingering, sucking, oral, anal, wanking, fucking, cum, cross-generation

Elder Dalton crawled on his hands and knees behind Bishop Hart. The handsome older man had placed him in just a priesthood robe, a soft, pleated garment that barely kept his nakedness concealed. As he moved, he worried his knees would pull at it, causing him to be stripped down unexpectedly.

This worry, he thought, seemed odd and misplaced. He’d been naked in front of Bishop Hart before. He’d even felt the older man inside him. Still, with all that considered, it was hard for him to completely shake off the strict ideologies he’d been raised to uphold. …Or perhaps it was seeing President Lee standing in the back of the room that made him so unnerved.

He wasn’t quite sure where there were, only that he had to come through a tiny door like a pooch to get into it. All he could see around was the four walls, a large bed in the center, and President Lee watching like a Buckingham Palace guard.

Bishop Hart sat on the foot of the bed, leading Dalton to kneel before him. Again, the young missionary felt much like a trained pet, but found it impossible to dissent. Hart’s steely face and powerful presence was intoxicating to him, making him forget all his principles and beliefs, replacing them with a sole desire to please.

“Take of my socks and shoes,” Bishop Hart ordered, lifting his left foot up slightly. He stared down at the young boy, as if carefully detecting if he would object. Instead, Dalton simply responded, “Yes sir.”

The boy took off the soft, white slippers Bishop Hart wore. He peeled off his socks as well, feeling his hands rub against his soft soles. Hart pointed him to a bowl of water and a cloth, indicating for him to wash his feet.

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